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My first post is about the first post of others. It’s a collection of randomly gathered statements from randomly picked bloggers from different countries, different domains. Some are new to blogging, some were already at their second blog.

I was wondering if they have something in common, a certain shared statement of why they started, why they were there.

My research (which really wasn’t a research at all) couldn’t spot it. They started blogging for different reasons. But they were all aware of an audience.

A new blog for 2012 | “A blog is your own thing to mess with. You’re the boss. It’s like having people round to your house.” via Iain Tait, 10.01.2012

My first post | “Stick around to see how’s it working in the end.” via Bobby Voicu, 21.05.2007

The first | “we go places. daily. real, virtual, imaginary.
yet there’s none more important right now than this above. a sense of arrival.” via Apage, unknown
Despre | “Salut! Mă numesc Victoria și am decis că e timpul pentru un blog… Citesc, răsfoiesc, frunzăresc 721 de feed-uri și am descoperit blogul ca fiind un instrument interesant de comunicare și socializare” via Victoria Codreanu, 12.12.2011

And we’re back… | “Let’s see how this works out” via  Bogdana Butnar, 08.11.2007

Boring | “Sure, it will be boring soon too.” via Seth Godin, 15.01.2002

Therefore, dear visitor/friend(as most probably only close friends will read this post), I can only tell you: welcome! It’s a bit messy here as I’m still cleaning up after my birthday party (which by the way, it was one of the best I’ve had so far)!

I will come back shortly with a statement of purpose or an about.

Until then, I’m still collecting first posts! Send them over! 🙂

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