About myself

Having done my formative years in Romania, studying for my BA in Germany, in an international university, taking a semester abroad in France, an internship in UK and currently living in Bucharest, Romania, in the last four years, I’ve changed six cities.

In Romania I’ve learned that diplomas are cool, so by the age of 19, I participated in every possible contest from theater to karate or chess and got about 60 diplomas just to show off. There’s a clever Romanian joke about that. In Germany I’ve started appreciating food. And 10 kilos later, I decided that appreciation has a limit. In France I had the feeling that I was at home, as it was so easy to bond and laugh with people. Or maybe it was just the wine. And back to Romania, I decided to write a blog, because I’ve discovered an online community.

So yes, I am the sum of my experiences.

About this blog

This blog is about tree things: connections, consistency and community.

1. Connecting dots. A friend of mine was telling me one day that creativity comes from something you already know. It’s your ability to connect those dots. Therefore, the posts of this blog will try to connect different subjects or different perspectives on the same topic.

2. Consistency. I find it hard to stick to personal commitments. Therefore, I make them public. I want to read and write more and as I don’t seem to find the time, I made this blog. It will be written both in English and in Romanian and I’ll post at least twice a week. a month.

3. Community. Having met many interesting people working in online I felt there’s a sense of community around them. A blog can be a visit card.

You can find me on linkedin, facebook or twitter. 🙂


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